Study Abroad Opportunities

Consider a Fall Study Abroad

Students interested in one semester study abroad options are urged to consider going abroad during the Fall semester of their junior year. Because most students elect to pursue studies abroad during the spring term, fall semester study abroad affords significant advantages over the spring semester, including better housing and course offerings.

Planning to Study Abroad

  1. Students interested in studying abroad should first visit the Overseas Programs and decide on a Program.
  2. They should consider the program course offerings, and make a list of courses of interest.
  3. They should complete the Overseas Program on-line application.
  4. They should print and complete the 'Study Plan' for their program of choice.
  5. Then make an appointment with the PNP Study Abroad Advisor, Nic Koziolek and indicate that you would like an appointment for approval of your 'Study Plan'; which should be brought to the appointment.
  6. Once the 'Study Plan' is approved, it should be returned to the Overseas office.

PNP has a special relationship with the University of Edinburgh (see below), but it is also possible to participate in another approved program and earn credit for PNP courses.

Study Abroad at the University of Edinburgh

The PNP program has a study abroad arrangement with the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which provides a useful pre-arrival guide for visiting students. Information likely to be especially useful for Washington University students is available on the Overseas Programs website. Please note that you must submit all application materials to the Overseas Programs Office.

Other Study Abroad Venues

The Overseas Programs website includes a listing of study abroad programs open to Washington University Students. It is possible to receive PNP credit for courses taken abroad when those courses are approved, in advance, by the PNP Study Abroad Advisor. This is something you will need to discuss in some detail with an Overseas Programs Advisor and with the PNP Study Abroad Advisor before your study abroad plan can be approved.

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