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PNP is an innovative program that fosters engagement between different disciplines addressing the mind-brain. Key elements of such an interdisciplinary approach include knowledge of cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and artificial intelligence. The advent of new and powerful brain imaging techniques such as PET (positron-Emission Tomography) scanning and fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), along with the increasing use of computational models of neural systems, has given rise to the field of cognitive neuroscience as a rich arena for interdisciplinary cooperation.

In addition to the Core PNP Faculty, a range of affiliated faculty from other disciplines participate teach classes that count for PNP credit, and support PNP student’s research endeavors. PNP also funds Post-Doctoral Research Fellows. The Department of Philosophy also offers a Ph.D. in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology.

Maria Doulatova Defends

Maria Doulatova Defends "The Feeling Mind"

Research & Publications

Research is actively encouraged at all levels of the PNP program. The PNP Research Centre sponsors a wide range of research activity, including conferences, workshops, seminar series and colloquia. Through the Research Centre the PNP program hosts visiting faculty, including the Clark-Way-Harris Visiting Professors. On the web, the Research Centre maintains an archive of papers and links of interest.

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