Recent Dissertations

Caroline Stone
Psychological Construct Validity
Chair: Carl Craver

Katie Rapier
Moral Pathology
Chair: John Doris

Kate Schmidt
Epistemic Justice and Epistemic Participation
Chair: Julia Driver

Sarah Malanowski
Against the Grain: How the Delineation of Mechanisms Affects our Scientific Practices
Chair: Ron Mallon

Mark Povich
Model and World: Generalizing the Ontic Conception of Scientific Explanation
Chair: Carl Craver

Nazim Keeven
A Story to Remember: Narrativity, Memory, and the Self 
Chairs: Carl Craver and John Doris

Timothy Oakberg
A Normative Problem of Shame
Chair: Carl Craver

C. Felipe Romero
The Social Epistemology of Scientific Self-Correction
Chair: Carl Craver

Mike Dacey
Simple Minded: Rethinking Associations in Psychology 
Chair: Ron Mallon

Lauren Olin
Housing Mirth
Chair: John Doris

Isaac Wiegman
Anger and Punishment: Natural History and Normative Significance 
Chairs: John Doris and Ron Mallon

Santiago Amaya
Chair: Roy Sorensen

Sarah Robins
A Constructive Trace Theory of Memory 
Chair: Carl Craver

Adam Shriver
The Asymmetry Thesis: Pleasure and Pain's Radically Different Contributions to Well-Being
Chair: John Doris

Arnon Cahen
The Epistemic Problem of Perception: A Nonconceptual Solution to Perceptual Epistemic Awareness
Chair: Jose Luiz Bermúdez

Brandon Towl
Non-Reductive POhysicalism and the Theory of Constrained Kinds
Chair: Jose Luiz Bermúdez

Daniel Weiskopf
A Defense of Conceptual Pluralism
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Ellen Landers
Mental Disorder in a Biomedical Age: Problems with Symptoms, Perils of Reduction
Chair: Jesse Prinz

William Schonbein
An Intimate Affair: Cognition and Its Physical Basis
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Chase Wrenn
Truth and the Normativity of Naturalistic Epistemology
Chair: Roger Gibson

Tadeusz Zawidzki
Understanding Language Without a Language of Thought
Chair: Andy Clark

Pete Mandik
Objective Subjectivity: Allocentric and Agocentric Representations in Thought and Experience
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Christopher Eliasmith
How Neurons Mean: A Neurocomputational Theory of Representational Content
Chair: Bill Bechtel