Recent Dissertations

Arnon Cahen
"The Epistemic Problem of Perception: A Nonconceptual Solution to Perceptual Epistemic Awareness. "
Chair: Jose Luiz Bermúdez

Brandon Towl
"Non-Reductive POhysicalism and the Theory of Constrained Kinds"
Chair: Jose Luiz Bermúdez

Daniel Weiskopf
"A Defense of Conceptual Pluralism"
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Ellen Landers
"Mental Disorder in a Biomedical Age: Problems with Symptoms, Perils of Reduction"
Chair: Jesse Prinz

William Schonbein
"An Intimate Affair: Cognition and Its Physical Basis"
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Chase Wrenn
"Truth and the Normativity of Naturalistic Epistemology"
Chair: Roger Gibson

Tadeusz Zawidzki
"Understanding Language Without a Language of Thought"
Chair: Andy Clark

Pete Mandik
"Objective Subjectivity: Allocentric and Agocentric Representations in Thought and Experience"
Chair: Bill Bechtel

Christopher Eliasmith
"How Neurons Mean: A Neurocomputational Theory of Representational Content"
Chair: Bill Bechtel