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PNP Seminar: Learning and Innateness

Philosophy-neuroscience-psychology 496 - Spring 2021

What are we born knowing and what do we learn from our experience in the world? This seminar will consider which of our cognitive, perceptual, and linguistic capacities are innate, and how we acquire those that aren't. Topics to be discussed include language acquisition, perceptual learning, the "blank slate" view of human nature, intuitive physics, social cognition, and infants' moral reasoning. Readings will range from the Early Modern Rationalists and Empiricists such as Descartes, Locke, and Hume to contemporary philosophers and cognitive scientists, such as Chomsky, Gopnik, and Pinker. Prerequisite: PNP major in second semester Junior or Senior standing with a 300-level course in philosophy or PNP, graduate standing or the permission of the instructor.
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