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PNP Seminar: Rationality

Philosophy-neuroscience-psychology 496 - Spring 2020

This course will consist in a philosophical and empirical investigation of three related sets of questions: (1) What is rationality? How, if at all, does rationality depend on language? on sociality? on other things? (2) How rational (or irrational) are human beings? And (3) are there senses in which at least some non-human animals are rational? and, if so, which animals are rational in which senses? As indicated, our readings include both philosophical texts concerning the nature of rationality and studies, or summaries of findings, in psychology and (to a lesser extent) neuroscience. Prerequisite: PNP major in second semester Junior or Senior standing with a 300-level course in philosophy or PNP, graduate standing or the permission of the instructor.
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PNP Seminar: Rationality
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