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PNP Seminar: The Senses

Philosophy-neuroscience-psychology 495 - Spring 2021

The senses are our primary modes of access to the world. They shape our understanding, provide evidence, and guide action. This seminar is an empirically informed philosophical investigation of the nature and role of the senses. The topics to be explored include conceptions of the senses in philosophy and psychology, the individuation of the senses, and the relationships among sensation, perception, cognition, and action. Attention will be devoted to theoretical issues arising from vision, audition, the chemical senses, the bodily senses, synesthesia, cross-modal illusions, sensory substitution, and non-human senses. Prerequisites: PNP major standing with a 300-level course in philosophy or PNP, graduate standing or the permission of the instructor.
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PNP Seminar:
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